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Your ‘WHY’ is extremely important. Here's WHY.

Your ‘WHY’ is extremely important.

I was having a conversation with a colleague recently, and it went a little something like this...

Me: You gotta have a 'WHY'!

C: 'WHY's come easy for me. For example, I feel breathless after climbing the stairs, thats one why. I wanna get stronger, thats another why.

Me: That's great!

C: So with that in mind, I start a new routine. And after two weeks, my 'WHY' changes... it becomes "Why am I doing this to myself"


So here goes, as with all things, without a strong reason for doing something, you will never get around to it. Or maybe, if your why is not deep enough, you will find that like my colleague, you fall out of rhythm rather easily.

It is also very easy for us to go through the motions & never stop to ask ourselves such questions. And in the end we may question why we started in the first place and completely give up this good habit when these questions start to arise.

So in relation to working out, why are you doing it or if you aren’t yet, why are hoping to start? Are you trying to lose weight/ learn new movements/ build healthy habits/ perform at a competition/ use it as me-time? It could be none of the above, that is fine. 

Here’s the great news, whatever your ‘WHY' is. There is no wrong or right ‘WHY’.

The key is to find your ‘WHY’. 

As with all things, vision is key. It keeps you focused on the big picture which simplifies the otherwise seemingly complicated day to day decisions, and keeps you on track on days where your motivation takes a dive. Having a solid ‘WHY’ can also help simply the process of goal setting. 

So here are some questions for you to think through: 

  1. What is my ‘WHY’? (Be as honest with yourself as possible)

  2. What can I begin to do today to bring me one step closer to my goal?

Hope this helped.

x Darsh

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