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How to Navigate Training and Nutrition while Traveling

Updated: May 27, 2022

So you’re traveling and you’re wondering if you would lose all the progress you have made so far.

I get it. I have been there so in this post I want to give you practical handles that you can use to navigate your travels and not lose all the results you have worked for.

Now, let’s start off with this.


What I mean by this is why are you travelling.

Are you going on a work trip? A long awaited holiday? Your honeymoon? A beach vacation?

Yes all these different scenarios will mean different things. Because it completely changes the reason and intention behind why you are going on the trip in the first place

This is super practical because if you are going on your honeymoon, it's likely your intention is gonna be to be a little more relaxed, have some good food, explore the place you are visiting with your life partner etc.

While if you’re going for a work trip, you can still be dialled into your normal routine just from a different city. Follow me?

Also, what are your goals and do you have any important milestones coming up? If you are a bodybuilder in a prep, you have less leeway, while if you are just a genpop client wanting to lose some fat and don’t have a strict timeline, you can definitely be more flexible. So keep this in mind.


Different surroundings evoke different feelings and emotions which maybe cause you to let your guard down.

But one easy way to combat this is to intentionally set boundaries and pre-determined limits beforehand.

That way you reduce the temptation and decision-making stress that happens when you are in the moment trying to fight what you want with what you know you probably should do. So if you decide to stick to 1 glass of wine a day, do it, if it's 3 glasses, decide and follow through. Simple.


Again the context will affect this, but where possible try to stay as active as you can on your trip.

Go for hikes, walking tours, maybe even try out new sports. The good news is that we tend to be way more active while travelling compared to when we are bound to our desks.

But this is still a needful reminder to remember to move your body as much as you possibly can.


This may sound neurotic, but I assure you it’s not. We totally can judge from our clothes fitting, and that is a fine alternative too.

But research clearly shows that maintaining some form of self-monitoring is the best way to keep our habits in check. So be it stepping on the scale, or still logging your measurements into your metric tracker, I highly recommend it. It will help reel you in when you go overboard.

If you have a coach, still check-in with your coach, it doesn't need to be elaborate, but just the act of doing it will remind you that you are accountable to whatever you decided the holiday was going to be. And trust me, it doesn't need to be full on restriction everytime. Maybe you actually need your coach to remind you to chill the fuck out.


I honestly love this one, because it is a challenge to ourselves to hit a set goal.

While it is probably expected to see fluctuations in your scale weight while you travel especially for a longer trip, gamify it such that you are challenging yourself to come back as close to how you were when you left.

This is definitely psychological but it also incentives you to not let loose and reminds you about all the work you had put in to reach your current physique.


Protein is and always will be a dietary staple that needs to be harped on. No different when you are travelling.

I like to make sure I still start my day with a high protein breakfast, that could mean packing a Whey protein isolate powder along such that I am not only starting my day off with a healthy option which sets the tone for the rest of it the day.

This is also particularly smart because sometimes high-quality high protein options are hard to come by overseas when you are on the go.

Alternatively, you can also head to the supermarket to stock up on some easy-to-consume high protein options, like protein-loaded chocolate pudding which you can easily load up with fruits and get your micronutrient, fiber, and protein boost.

And when you head to restaurants, opt for the high protein option!


This is related to the previous points, but depending on where you are travelling to and the season, there will definitely be delicious fruits in season, so head to the grocery shop and pick some of that up!


Whether its multivitamin or greens powder, having this first thing in the morning puts you in a different headspace as you enter the day. Very simple, and doesn't add much baggage either!


If you plan to train overseas, I would do my research ahead of time, pinpointing where some accessible options are and checking out the pricing plans for those that offer daily drop-ins or weekly plans.

If your accommodation has a gym even better. Also, don’t feel the need to complete the exact 1.5 hour routine when you are on holiday.

Again, context matters, but I would go so far as to say you won’t lose all your muscle from not training to the same intensity for one week or even two. Think of it as a deload where your main goal is to maintain muscle mass. Lastly, if you don’t have access to the gym, do some bodyweight exercises with bands perhaps. Or maybe even just dial it back and use the week to focus on the often-overlooked mobility work.

Alright that's it! At the end of the day remember, I rather you have enjoyed your holiday, eat some good food, have a great time, than restrict yourself, have a crappy holiday, eat bland tasteless food, have a terrible time, and be unhappy. Have your holiday, have a good time, do your best to be mindful and stay active, then get right back and crush it again! Peace out guys!


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