1:1 Coaching


  • You haven't exercised for 6 months or more and want to kick start your fitness journey

  • You have a previous injury or are at risk of injury and want to ensure proper movement patterns

  • You want to build confidence in the gym or with specific movement patterns

  • You want even faster results to achieve your goals

  • You like the freedom to complete workouts at your own time with the assurance that each workout is intentional and purposeful for you specifically







Step 1: Consultation

A 60 minute initial consultation session about YOU. We will sit down and discuss where you're at and where you want to go in fitness. We understand that fitness is highly personal and no two people are the same, hence their training programs shouldn't be the same. Identifying your goals, lifestyle and nutritional habits, previous fitness experiences and health history as a starting point guides the design of your personalised program. 

Step 2: Assessment

Over the initial sessions, we will go through a Body, Movement, and Work Capacity Assessment to establish a baseline to work from. We will identify any gross muscular imbalances or mobility issues to be addressed in program design. Depending on your current state, training age, and goals, we may perform further assessments on muscular endurance and strength.

Step 3: Training

I will create a personalised, progressive, science-based, & periodised program just for you. This will take into account your long terms goals (12 months). Each month, I will refine your program and plan the specifics. Long-term planning will also keep you injury free by balancing work and recovery. Your workouts will always be released on a weekly basis. I will also provide feedback on your form and answer any questions that you may have.

Step 4: Lifestyle

The gym is only 1 hour of your day. What happens in the other 23 hours? I will teach you how to set relevant goals to work towards & we will implement new habits incrementally. We will adopt a holistic approach that will look at your nutrition, lifestyle & recovery, to ensure maximum vitality and the time you put into the gym is not wasted. 

Step 5: Results

Every month we will sit down for an honest conversation. We will review progress, talk about nutrition, sleep, stress and all things lifestyle. We will collaborate to game plan the next steps to evolve your goals and training as you grow, and ensure the fitness experience supports your long-term health.