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Shadow on the Wall

Lose fat, build muscle, maintain your results in the long-term

It's time to take back control of your body

Take your fitness and body goals to the next level. Finally say goodbye to yo-yo diets and mindless training, and uncover your true physical potential. 

How and Why it works:

1. Initial Consultation

A deep-dive strategy session about YOU. We will sit down and discuss where you're at currently, your goals, lifestyle and nutritional habits, previous fitness experiences, injuries, and health history. Let us simplify the science and equip you with understanding on why and how the plan will work for you. 


Establish a baseline, communicate expectations and needs, leave confident with a gameplan!

Image by Christin Hume

2. Individualised Training Program

A personalised, progressive, science-based, & periodised strength training program will be created just for you. I will take into account your goals, key movement patterns, volume, intensity, frequency, exercise selection, cardio prescription, equipment availability, mobility, rest and recovery. Your training videos are reviewed to give you feedback on your form so that you are doing the movement safely, correctly, and with adequate intensity.

Train with intention, have a program that has YOU at the centre of it


3. Customized Nutrition Plan

We will work on a nutrition plan that takes your lifestyle and preferences into account when coming up with basic nutritional habits, meal frequency, calorie and macronutrient targets, fiber goals, longer-term periodisation, supplementation, fundamental nutrition requirements, meal timing, caffeine intake and more... 

Our method is life-changing, simple, and simply put, it works.

Image by Joseph Gonzalez

4. Support & Accountability

We will have a weekly check-in where we will review progress, talk about training, nutrition, celebrate wins, outline solutions to move past sticking points, monitor key biofeedback markers like sleep, stress, digestion, hunger, energy levels. You will always have a game plan that will ensure the coaching experience supports your long-term goals and overall health.

"Without accountability, we cannot grow nor can we improve ourselves"

Image by Andrew Neel

5. Full Access to me

You will have my support whenever you run into any sticky situation. Unlimited text access.

No matter what life throws at you. 

Fell sick? Going into quarantine? Travelling and have access to limited equipment?

I will help you adapt and be ready for any situation that comes up!

I'm in your corner with you :)


Ready to be coached?

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