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Check out some clients of mine who have put in amazing work & seen amazing results!!


"I just wanna thank you for getting me started on this! I think you taught me more about fitness and nutrition over the last 4 months than I have ever learnt in my entire life 😊"


- Samuel

"Just want to say thank you for teaching me so much, and for walking with me during these past few months. I’ve never made a more concerted effort with nutrition and weights and am really reaping the benefits of having better balance, stamina and strength as I enter this pregnancy. Was going to say, maybe I conceived because I was getting fitter, and it’s actually another non scale progress!  Thank you Darsh, for divinely coming alongside this season:) happy to see your reach growing. May you touch many more lives!!" 


- Dorea

"Doing 1-1 coaching with Darsh, she is very attentive and knowledgeable! She motivates me to do more even though I'm the laziest person when it comes to fitness. She's good at helping me build a healthy relationship with fitness and coming up with a customised training program!"


- Minori, Post-Partum coaching client

"Super enjoying coaching! I really look forward to Darsh's sessions (tough but SOOO fulfilling!!) Darsh gives amazing advice and I always feel encouraged!"


- Ellie

"Each person has different goals and levels of experience when it comes to their history with training and food. Darsh will take time to learn about you first and come up with a program that is tailored to your needs and abilities! She is very knowledgeable and can easily adjust the workouts when modifications are necessary! She never fails to raise my limits and to keep challenging me. Highly recommend!!"

- Benita

If you wanna work with me, I am accepting online coaching clients! 


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