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Who am I?
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My name is Darshini Krishna.

I am a fitness coach based in the perenially scorching Singapore.


Not complaining, I love me some Vitamin D.🌞

I love flat whites, Kanye West with a passion, and my house plants on the verge of dehydration.

I could rattle on about my list of certifications, but I think it is far more pertinent to know that my philosophy of coaching is one where everything we will put into practice is backed by science, and importantly, is personalized to you. 

Why listen to me?

In a world where there is no shortage of information and fitfluencers (*gulp*),

it is essential that we are not only able to cut right through the BS, but also to apply knowledge in a way that best serves us.

Sustainibility is also at the heart of what I do, as cliche as it sounds, it is not enough to give a man a fish, we got to teach him how to make his own bait and find good fishing spots. (Lol no idea why random fishing analogies are coming up- I don't even fish!)

I am a huge believer in continuous education and learning, the minute we stop learning, we not only stagnate, we regress. So that is something I continually strive to do. And something I encourage all my clients to do as well!

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And I guess you could say I practice what I preach too!🤣


Training and Nutrition changed my life.


If you have somehow wandered to my little corner of the internet, gotten this far, and you are wondering if I could help you too?


Know this, I would be honored to.


Learning is what I enjoy, but coaching people is what I was put on this earth to do- I am not an Enneagram 2 "The Helper" for no good reason lol.

It's nice to meet you! And I am pumped you're here!

Going to leave you with some resources to check out👇🏼




- Darsh


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